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The Best Jewelry Candles Ever

It's no secret. JewelScent makes the best jewelry candles, period.

While other brands have tried to mimic our product, they simply can't beat the original JewelScent jewelry candle creation.

We've spent the last seven (7) years perfecting every part of our craft. From the wax to the wick to the glass lines we use, JewelScent jewelry candles are the best of class. We use the highest grade coconut soy wax there is to make a clean even-burning candle that customers adore - with or without the jewelry prize. We use organic braided cotton wicks that ensure a nice burn pool forms in the wax, quickly unleashing the fragrance inside as well as exposing the jewel to the eye.

We use luxury fragrance from US-sourced oils derived from natural plants domestically. Most importantly, we've very generous with fragrance application in our jewelry candles.